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#FishSmart in the La Crosse Region

The La Crosse area has a unique offering of waterways strewn throughout the coulees and valleys of the Driftless Region.  Pristine trout streams, acres of scenic backwaters, tributaries, numerous rivers, and lakes all abound in the area offer more than 119 freshwater fish species.  It may sound silly but now is a great time to… Read more »

Five Pet-Friendly Adventures in the La Crosse Region

Five Pet-Friendly Adventures in the La Crosse Region Let’s be honest, our pets love having us home…but it’s tough to entertain ourselves and our “best friends” each and every day. Thankfully, the La Crosse Region is full of pet-friendly fun to enjoy together! We have compiled a list of five great to-do’s for you and your furry… Read more »

3 Reasons National Travel & Tourism Week Should Matter to You

When you think about travel, what first comes to mind? Adventure or R&R? Flying or a road trip? Experiencing new cultures and sights or dancing the night away? Travel can be considered as such a personal thing. It is different for everyone; different goals, different bucket lists, different risk, different budgets. But if it is… Read more »

Quiz: What’s Your Travel Persona?

Find out what your post-quarantine travel persona is and when the time is right, celebrate with a road trip to the La Crosse Region! Remember what it’s like to take a road trip? Do you daydream about the adventure beyond your front door? Time has passed as you were being socially responsible and self-isolating. Are… Read more »

Find Your Travel Style!

Find out your Traveling Style and when you’re ready, use your results to plan your road trip to the La Crosse Region! Your Traveler ID can help you plan the perfect trip with adventure suited to you and your interests! Find your traveling style and get ready to make memories that’ll last a lifetime during… Read more »

NEW Photography Scavenger Hunt

From landmarks, such as Grandad Bluff and Sunny the Sunfish, to activities like canoeing or hiking, there are endless opportunities to snap a memory in this stunning Region.  Put simply, natural beauty and fun recreation are easy to come by in the La Crosse Region and with everyone carrying their smartphones these days, we know… Read more »

Inexpensive Ways to Get Active in the La Crosse Region

As Spring and Summer approach us, it’s exciting to think about all the outdoor adventure coming our way! You don’t have to just stay home and rake your leaves… Check out ways to enjoy nature and get outdoors affordably in the La Crosse Region! Frisbee – The weather is warming and the grass is greening in… Read more »

5 Things You Didn’t Know About the La Crosse Region

The majestic bluffs and grand Mississippi River are the backbones of the La Crosse Region. However, there are some unique facts about the area that you may not know! Test your knowledge and check out five things you may not realize about the La Crosse Region! 1. Choice Destination: La Crosse was voted the 2019… Read more »

Leave Your Mark Between The Bluffs

Take Your Adventures Before the Snow Melts!The La Crosse Region has all the activities to keep you warm through the last of the chilly months. From making your mark in the powder, drilling your hole through the ice and warming up with live performances, it’s time to bundle up for some serious fun. Skiing and… Read more »