Kinstone Full Moon Session in Sound

Oct 1, 2020

7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

S3439 Cole Bluff Lane
Fountain City WI


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(608) 687-3332

Have you wondered what it is like at Kinstone at night? Here’s your chance to find out! At this nighttime, outdoor event, you can watch the sunset, relax with sacred sounds of Native American flutes, rare Tibetan singing bowls, and experience a full immersion Gong sound bath in the Great Stone Circle while the full moon rises! Then take a guided night-time walk around Kinstone in the moonlight! Bring your favorite crystal with you to charge it up with all this high vibe energy! You will also have an opportunity to get your chakras grounded with healing sounds while standing in a large singing bowl and/or drench yourself in relaxing gong sound vibrations. This is an OUTDOOR event and will be cancelled in case of storms.