#FALLingforLaCrosse Fall Photo Sweepstakes

It’s the best time of the year and we want to know why you are #FallingForLaCrosse!

Let’s be honest… the Region’s explorers take the best photos!

The natural beauty and recreation abound in the La Crosse Region during the Autumn season and we want to see your pics! With everyone carrying their smartphones these days, we know you’ve captured a few fantastic shots!

Sweepstakes Ends: November 12, 2021


This is your chance to dig out your photos or get exploring to capture new photos, enter your photos, get a chance to be featured on one of our many social platforms, and get entered to win a La Crosse Region Swag Pack!

1. Head outside to snap some new, artsy photos that represent you and your favorite fall activities – colorful fall drives, outdoor exploration, cozy fall hideaways, apple orchard picking, pumpkin-spice treats, etc.

2. Use #FallingForLaCrosse on Instagram OR enter your favorite photography into our form.

*Photo Submission or use of #FallingForLaCrosse Disclaimer *

3. Post or submit photos of your choice by November 12th to be entered to win an Explore La Crosse weekly prize and the ultimate falling for La Crosse prize pack!

Congratulations to our Weekly Winners!

  • Week 1 – Brian Holzhausen
  • Week 2 – Could be you!
  • Week 3 – Could be you!
  • Week 4 – Could be you!
  • Week 5 – Could be you!