Blue Honey Bio-Fuels

Blue Honey Biofuels is an independently owned and operated used cooking oil collection company with a mission to partner with local farmers, the local restaurant industry and the alternative fuel industry.   We offer the safest and most efficient used cooking oil collection service in the greater La Crosse area, turning local waste into local fuel!

We pride ourselves in environmental protection and sustaining our local economy by supporting local businesses and keeping dollars local. We PAY for used cooking oil, provide oil collection containers and guarantee exceptional and professional collection service. By partnering with Blue Honey Biofuels you are contributing to a greener and more sustainable future, reducing the carbon footprint in our communities and preserving our region for generations to come.

Who We Serve:

Municipal Recycling Centers
Industrial Service
Stadiums & Arenas
Hospitality Industry
PO Box 194
Ettrick, WI. 54616
P: 608-345-4662