Cathedral of St. Joseph of the Workman

The Cathedral of St. Joseph

The Cathedral of St. Joseph is a traditional Gothic cathedral is the church of the Bishop. The Cathedral holds 12 burial vaults for city bishops, two chapels and a 1500-pound bronze canopy over the Botticiano marble alter. Stained glass window depicts Wisconsins Catholic heritage. A relief carving of St. Joseph the Workman above the main entrance depicts the saint with a carpenters square symbolizing his labors.

530 Main Street La Crosse, Wisconsin, 54601


Welcome to the Cathedral of Saint Joseph the Workman! The Cathedral is a Roman Catholic parish in La Crosse, Wisconsin and the Mother Church of the Diocese of La Crosse. The bishop of La Crosse, currently the Most Rev. William Patrick Callahan, celebrates all the major feasts of the church year here: Holy Week, Christmas and many other major feasts.