The organizational purpose of VARC, Inc. is to administer a comprehensive and cooperative program for the general wellbeing and advancement of persons with varying abilities. As a dedicated Non-Profit company, VARC, Inc is a proud and active member of its communities.

Client Services: At VARC, Inc. we understand that each person is an individual, and has unique preferences and abilities. Our customized programming allows each client to experience their community as they would like.

VARC’s employment service through Insite develops opportunities for individuals with exceptional abilities to become employed within their communities, Insite focuses on matching business needs with individuals who are ready to work and be productive, contributing members of the community.

Production Services: VARC, Inc. specializes in customized contract assembly and packaging. Since 1975, we have worked with businesses on a local and national level to serve their long and short-term production requirements.

ExploreAbility: a week-long opportunity for individuals with varying abilities in La Crosse County to experience VARC services, at no cost to registered participants. Register Before February 10th at

1601 Ramsay Pl,

La Crosse, WI 54603

(608) 782-7010