La Crosse Region

Fall Color Report

Fall in love with the brilliant colors of the La Crosse Region this Autumn!

Autumn is such a beautiful time to visit the La Crosse Region!

As the colors begin to change along the ancient bluff sides, the Region’s vibrancy continues to burst. When you’re ready, visit famous overlooks of the Mississippi River highlighted in reds, oranges, and yellows. Check out the many shops, coffee shops, fine eateries, supper clubs, orchards, and wineries our Region has to offer!

October 30: The La Crosse Region has passed its peak colors with gorgeous goldens, reds and oranges for the year. The cooler weather has caused our region to burst with color and now has faded until next year. Enjoy the rest of fall and get some last minute hikes in as we head into the cooler months ahead!
October 23: Happy spooky season! We’re getting closer and closer to the anticipated peak fall colors! The La Crosse Region is bursting with bright fiery reds, burnt oranges and yellows and you may still see a few patches of green among the bluffs. Get that beautiful fall hike in before the cooler weather comes in.
October 16: Enjoy these golden sunny days! The La Crosse Region is finally starting to see vibrant oranges and yellows throughout the bluffs. Take a drive or walk downtown and you’ll see fall is in the air. The bluffs have started to dot with patches of beautiful color here and there, with the majority starting to shift to lighter greens. We can’t wait for the colors to burst soon!
October 9: Happy Fall! The La Crosse Region is finally cooling down and starting to see patches of oranges and yellows throughout the bluffs, yet the bluffs and foliage are still sticking to light greens. Take a drive or walk downtown and you’ll see fall is in the air. It’s started to freeze overnight and warm up to the perfect cool, fall temps, enjoy the sun and beautiful hiking weather!
October 1: Happy first few days of October! It seems summer is still lingering into the beginning of this week, take in the last truly hot days as it will begin to cool down by the end of the week. The trees are still sticking to light greens, and yellows for foliage but patches of oranges can be seen sticking out here and there! We can’t wait for our Region to burst with colors!
September 25: We’re falling for this cool autumn air! It’ll be a rainy week, full of fall weather. The leaves are slowly turning yellow and you may see some are patterned with orange or red, but the trees are mainly sticking to green foliage as we enter October by the beginning of next week.
September 18: The leaves are slowly changing to more lighter greens and yellows! Most of the La Crosse Region is still covered in light and dark green leaves, but don’t be surprised if you see a few orange leaves pop through! We’re experiencing beautiful warm afternoons and cool, crisp evenings perfect for a toasty campfire. We can’t wait for our region to pop with golden colors!
September 11: The Driftless Region is cooling down, we’ve got crisp cool mornings, and a sunny beautiful weekend ahead! The leaves are starting to turn a light green along the bluffs, and you might spot some yellows scattered in throughout. We’re excited for fall to soon be here!
September 5th: The leaves are a lively green as we enjoy our last hot summer days! Get ready for cool mornings, and pretty fair weather as we continue throughout the week. We’re getting excited for fall as it’ll soon be here!