5 Hidden Gem Restaurants in La Crosse County

Looking for a great dining experience when you visit La Crosse County?

Check out these five hidden gem restaurants that are just as good as the popular places, or, dare we say it, even better.

1. The Mint

This restaurant is a farm to table experience, with locally sourced fresh food coming in daily. If you want delicious food, fresh ingredients, and a soothing, peaceful atmosphere this is the place to go….MORE

2. The Arterial Bar and Grill

If you’re looking for a less crowded bar and grill, The Arterial is your go to. Most people come weekly for Wing Wednesday and with 5 wings for $2.50 and a selection of many different delicious sauces, they never disappoint! They also have breakfast on the weekends,
and happy hour specials….MORE

3. The Root Note

This food stop is an organic restaurant that focuses on promoting local art and music. They have delicious crepes, chili, and fantastic drink specials. Mondays are trivia nights, Tuesdays are Jazz nights, and Wednesdays are open mic nights, all of which are worth a visit….MORE

4. Rosie’s Cafe

If you want a breakfast where everything is prepared from scratch and tastes as homecooked as it looks, then Rosie’s Cafe is the place to be! Their traditional breakfast menu is sure to please….MORE

5. Greengrass Cafe

This restaurant, located near the UWL campus, serves breakfast lunch and dinner, but are known for their breakfast especially. The food is amazing, and it’s a great place to go if you don’t want to break the bank. They also serve ice cream from The Pearl, so you can check off another La Crosse “must do” while you eat….MORE