Beyond the Sword at Castlerock

On Saturday, August 24th at 2pm, Thomas Peters and Derek Olson will give a presentation on “Beyond the Sword: The ‘Tools’ of Medieval Warfare” at Castlerock Museum in Alma, Wisconsin.

Close your eyes and imagine a medieval warrior facing down his enemies on the battlefield. His armor wrapping around protecting his body, a shield gripped tight in one hand and in the other hand, ready to strike . . . wait a minute, that’s not a sword!

Swords are the quintessential romantic weapon of the medieval knight, but could there be other options to wield? Could those options create advantages and outcomes preferable to the blade? What is different about combat involving maces, flails or polearms and where did these weapons evolve from? If the weather permits, there will be a short demo in the museum courtyard showing these “tools” of warfare in action.

Thomas Peters and Derek Olson are medieval reenactors; they have been studying, portraying, and teaching the realities of medieval history and warfare together since the mid 1990’s. This has included hands on experience with many types of medieval weaponry. They believe the sword is an important touchstone to history, but the reliance on it as the sole symbol of the medieval knight is short sighted.

Admission is $6 for adults and $4 for students. Museum members receive a 50% discount. Seating is limited. Registrations are not required but appreciated. Contact the museum at 608-685-4231 or for more details.