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Moderately-HardMaps-Replacement-Icon-2016This challenging ride has fantastic views and four big climbs, making it a perennial favorite that we sometimes just abbreviate as the DRMSR.  “Most” scenic is debatable — everyone has their favorites. But while there’s a lot of pretty scenery all around the region, this ride to the west features wider horizons and longer views than the winding coulees on the eastern side of the Mississippi. On this route, the driftless region’s diverse geology provides numerous vistas of the Mississippi and Root River valleys. In fact, the DRMSR is designed so that by the end of the day, you will have spent an equal amount of time on the bluff tops and in the valleys.  With three convenience stores along the way and a great coffee shop at the halfway point, keeping fueled up will not be a problem. The ride concludes with a sweeping descent into La Crescent, followed by an easy cool-down across the Mississippi and back into downtown La Crosse.

Route (59 miles)

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Route (82 miles)

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