Jul 13, 2024

9:30 am - 12:30 pm

Kickapoo Caverns Nature Preserve,, 54850 Rhein Hollow Rd.,
Wauzeka, WI

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608-784-3606 Ext. 4

Guided tours at Kickapoo Caverns nature preserve
will be hosted by Mississippi Valley Conservancy

LA CROSSE, WI – Discover the hidden treasures of Kickapoo Caverns at Mississippi Valley
Conservancy’s guided cave tours while learning about the importance of protecting this habitat
for the bats who call the Driftless home. Nestled near Wauzeka, this 83-acre nature preserve
boasts one of Wisconsin’s most extensive cavern systems, providing critical hibernation sites for
multiple bat species. These one-hour tours must be booked in advance, and run from 9:30 a.m. –
12:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 13.
Cave visitors on scheduled tours will have a chance to see a stunning limestone cave including
underground pools, a 40-foot-high cathedral-like chamber, and beautifully colored stalactites.
This special habitat shelters several species of hibernating bats in winter, when the temperature
within the cave never goes below 48 degrees. Hibernating bats around the world have been
stressed by white nose syndrome, a fungal infection, in recent years. There is good news to
report, however, as Wisconsin is seeing key little brown bat populations rebound. Visitors will
learn what makes caves appealing for bats, how Wisconsin bats are co-existing with white nose
syndrome, and what can be done to help their populations recover. As winter home to four
threatened bat species, the cave is available for tours only during a short period each summer
when the bats are away from the cave. Citizens wanting to make a difference for bats are
encouraged to put up bat houses and remove invasive species that are making it impossible for
native plants to grow, as their insect diet depends on those native plants.

PLEASE NOTE: Getting to the cave requires a 20-30 minute-long uphill hike that can be
challenging on a hot summer day. Agility and stamina are also required for the cave tours that
involve steep stairways and some passages with low overhead. The minimum age for cave tours
is 7 years old.
the tour times offered at Each attendee is
required to register separately on the event registration page for the event. The total time of each
tour is just under an hour. Please plan ahead to arrive, park, and hike for 30 minutes before your
tour start time. With questions contact Karen Solverson at (608) 784-3606 ext 8 or at