Birdscaping: Creating a Bird-Friendly Haven – Second Nature at Reads Creek Nursery

Jun 1, 2024

10:00 am - 11:00 am

Second Nature at Reads Creek, S7301 Hwy 14/61
Readstown, 54652

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(608) 606-0010

This workshop is for the birds! Birdscaping is more than just gardening. Experience the joy of creating a wildlife-friendly garden that brings you closer to nature and the beauty of birds. Join us for an inspiring workshop where we’ll learn how to design gardens that provide food, shelter, water, and nesting sites for birds.

Discover the importance of native plants in creating a bird-friendly habitat, and create a nesting ball with natural materials to hang in your garden and attract birds during nesting season. Explore a curated selection of plants that are ideal for attracting birds to your garden and learn how to incorporate bird-friendly features, such as feeders, bird baths, nesting boxes, and natural water sources into your space. Learn how to design a garden that is a haven for birds, but is also beautiful and low-maintenance for you to enjoy.

Workshop fee includes education, hands-on activities, coupon to be used toward bird-friendly plants and materials. Suitable for all gardening skill levels. Open to bird enthusiasts of all ages. This $39 registration fee allows for one person to attend. Sign up on our website to reserve your spot: