Inexpensive Ways to Get Active in the La Crosse Region

As Spring and Summer approach us, it’s exciting to think about all the outdoor adventure coming our way! You don’t have to just stay home and rake your leaves… Check out ways to enjoy nature and get outdoors affordably in the La Crosse Region!

Frisbee – The weather is warming and the grass is greening in the Region’s many parks! Whether your companion of choice is a dog, a friend, or your kids, tossing a frisbee is a timeless activity to get you moving. For a spacious park with plenty of space to throw, swing through Riverside Park or Myrick Park in La Crosse, WI, Rowe Park or Holiday Heights Park in Onalaska, WI.

Public Sculptures – The region is home to a variety of sculptures and public art that reflect the history of the area, as well as featuring local artists and their masterpieces. You won’t want to miss these regional gems.
Some of these works include:
– Eagle Landmark: State Street & Riverside Park (Elmer P. Petersen). The Eagle, perched on a 30-ft tree trunk, watches over the park and the Mississippi River.
– Hoeschler Fountain: Riverside Park. The 7 Rivers Region is featured in the seven-fountain water feature. The fountain’s three, larger features represent the junction of the
Mississippi, La Crosse, and Black Rivers.
– Reflections: La Crosse Public Library (Paul T. Grandlund). This fountain piece features a bronze woman in quiet contemplation.
– Anidonts: Myrick Park (Luis Arata). An aluminum abstract of a boy and dog welcome visitors to Myrick Park.
– Water Over the Dam: Fourth & Vine Street (Jeff Weideman). Designed in memory of the 1993 flood, the sculpture portrays the River tumbling over the dam.
– Ellen Hixon: Grandad Bluff Park (Michael Martino). The statue is dedicated to Ellen Hixon, the widow of Gideon Hixon, responsible for saving Grandad Bluff and Hixon Forest from quarry developers.

Wisconsin Great River Road – Get out of the house, pack up the family and hit the road for a day trip on the Wisconsin Great River Road. The scenic Wisconsin Great River Road follows the Mississippi River along the picturesque bluff country and charming river towns. The route features rare views that run for miles and captures the essence of the Driftless Region. It is the longest and oldest National Scenic Byway that runs the length of the Mississippi River through ten states.

Sight See – Create your own scavenger hunt and visit all of the sights and landmarks in the La Crosse Region! Explore the outlook at Granddad Bluff and take selfies with Sunny the Sunfish near the Great River Landing in Onalaska, WI. Revel in the tranquility of the winding path at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe and cherish the sights of Apple Blossom Overlook Park in La Crescent, MN.

Birding – The La Crosse Region and surrounding areas are home to some of the best bird-watching destinations in the Upper Midwest. Some say the Bald Eagles are the most magnificent and iconic birds to the Region. They thrive on the rivers and wooded habitat the area provides. With an impressive wingspan of approximately 7feet, you’re sure to marvel at the Eagles’ majesty as they soar the skies. Grab your binoculars and hit the trails and parks along the rivers for great views of the National Bird.

Hiking – With approximately 100 miles of trails throughout the region, hiking is a great way to stay active and get fresh air. Make sure to trek through Lueth Park, Upper Hixon, Lower Hixon Forest, and other WI State Trails!

Are you ready to make some memories? In the La Crosse Region, adventure does not have to cost you an arm and a leg! Get active outdoors and #explore today!