Castlerock Museum

Opening to the public! Friday, April 23rd. 

Number of visitors will be limited, face masks and social distancing are required

Walk with the Warriors of the Western World on a self guided trip through Castlerock Museum.  From the days of Rome, through the Dark Ages, the Vikings, the Crusader Knights in Chain Mail and into the Golden Age of the fully armored Renaissance “Knight in Shining Armor”. Watch empires rise and fall. See how arms and armor adapt to changing times.

Hundreds of rare and authentic examples of arms and armor are on display in an easily viewed open wall format rather than in rows of closed cases. Each exhibit area walks you through a time period showing you actual arms and armor used at that time. Reproductions of famous paintings illustrate how the arms and armors were actually used. An interpretive display panel is in each exhibit with short concise illustrated descriptions for those wishing to know more about any of the particular pieces of arms and armor or the art.

402 South Second Street

Alma, WI  54610

(P) 608-685-4231