Hear, Here



Hear, Here is an international award-winning project that began in La Crosse Wisconsin.  We have placed orange street-signs with the Hear, Here logo and a toll-free number all around the downtown area.  People can use their cellular phones to hear stories in the exact place where they occurred (no app required).  Listeners can then stay on the line to leave a message about that location or any other location in the downtown.  If the story fits the mandate of the project, we will add it to the program.

For K-12 educators we have developed curriculum according to Wisconsin State Standards. For those who are out of town we have a website.  For those organizing an event we have self-guided tours through La Crosse Public Library Archives.  You can also book a tour guide. Pamphlets with all Hear, Here locations are available at the Visitor Center and other locations in the downtown area.

Hear, Here La Crosse website:     www.hearherelacrosse.org
Hear, Here Self-Guided Tours (see Voices of La Crosse):   http://www.footstepsoflacrosse.org/
Hear, Here K-12 Curriculum:   http://www.hearherelacrosse.org/curriculum/