Inspire(d) Media

Inspire(d) Media is a small, independent media company based in Decorah, Iowa. Aryn and Benji Nichols founded Inspire(d) in 2007 and have grown their “experiment in positive news” over the past 15 years to be a highly anticipated quarterly publication. This two-person show at Inspire(d) Headquarters says “we’d be nothing without our fabulous contributors who come from different areas across the Driftless Region and beyond.”
Inspire(d) Magazine is a quarterly publication covering the positive people, places, and events of the Driftless Region.  Find them on racks at many of your favorite locations across the region – or at

412 Oak Street, Decorah, IA.

(P) 536-379-7735 (editorial/design)

(P) 563-379-6315 (advertising/distribution)

412 Oak Street, Decorah. IA.