Unearth Hidden Treasures: Exploring the Earth Element in the La Crosse Region

Elements come alive in the La Crosse Region! Discover unique Midwest topography unlike any while venturing through the area. This blog focuses on the element Earth, known for it’s stability, strength and natural resources. The La Crosse Region has no shortage of Driftless Region natural resources, providing countless recreational activities, supporting wildlife, providing agricultural opportunities, and more.

The Driftless Region!

The La Crosse Region is nestled in the Driftless Region – a unique part of the world with unparalleled views and ancient, distinct topography. “Drift” refers to glacial drift: the rock and sediment deposited by a glacier as it moves over an area of land. A small piece of the Upper Mississippi Region was left untouched during the last Ice Age, leaving no glacial erosion or deposits. While surrounding landscapes were flattened by glaciers, the Driftless Region remains with the original, rugged terrain of the Upper Midwest. The natural topography reaches into parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois.

Natural Resources and Hiking Trails

There might not be a better place in the world to explore on foot than the La Crosse Region. The area is home to wooded bluffs topped by craggy sandstone outcroppings, vast marshes teeming with wildlife, pristine prairies and meadows, and rivers, lakes, and streams everywhere you turn. There’s a whole world to explore in this quiet little corner of the Upper Midwest! Let’s not forget the hundreds of miles of designated, well-maintained trails that follow waterways and traverse up the bluffs! Whether you prefer leisurely strolls along wide, level paths, or heart-pounding climbs up steep, rocky trails, you’ll find your hike in the La Crosse Region.

Incredible Views That Can’t Be Missed

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Grandad Bluff
La Crosse, WI

Grandad Bluff is famous to the La Crosse Region and is a sure landmark to enjoy during your time in the region. The bluff itself sits 600-ft. high and overlooks the city of La Crosse, the Mississippi River Valley, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa. It has been voted as “the most scenic view in the state” by Wisconsin Trails readers!

Great River Landing
Onalaska, WI

Great River Landing is host to the Great River State Trailhead – known for its 101 miles of interconnecting state trails. With a beautiful visitor center and views of Lake Onalaska and the Black River, this landmark is sure to be a crowd favorite. It’s located next to Downtown Onalaska with plenty of dining and shopping options!

Apple Blossom Scenic Overlook
La Crescent, MN

This famous overlook, located on Apple Blossom Scenic Drive of the Great River Road, showcases a stunning view of the Mississippi River Valley and into the La Crosse Region. It’s named after the thousands of spring apple blossoms and is just a short drive up the bluffs from the city of La Crescent, MN.

Natural Wonders of The La Crosse Region

As part of the Driftless Region, the La Crosse area features many natural wonders! Check out these standouts that will undoubtedly be the highlights of your spring and summer!


Get Exploring on
Earth Day!

Hey Earth… you rock! Are you ready to grab your friends, family or partner and try out these recreation activities this Earth Day while exploring the La Crosse Region?!