Guys’ Getaway – 4 Good Times with da Boys

Kick it with da boys…

The Boys Are Back In Town might be a song by Thin Lizzy but it’s also the type of weekend that guys anxiously await every year!  Getting together with “da boys” is an annual tradition that few others can compare to.  It’s when memories are made (and sometimes forgotten) and there’s no better place than the La Crosse Region to conceive those memories with your brothers from other mothers.


1. Brews with Your Crew

Not that everything has to revolve around beer and alcohol but, let’s be honest, this weekend is likely going to do just that.  So, you might as well enjoy it with some of the best beers and spirits in the area!  You’ve grown up, as has your palette, so put the 30-pack of trashy light beer back on the shelves and hit up some phenomenal tasting rooms of the region.  Relish in the cool vibes and unique atmospheres while finding the flavor to savor for the weekend. Be sure to grab a few growlers to go for back at the pad. 


2. FORE the Win!

Nothing like a little friendly competition on the links to strengthen the bond with the boys!  Even if you’re the one in the sand more than David Hasselhoff, surely the beverages, scenic views, laughs and camaraderie will outweigh the lost balls, smack talk, and duffs, to make your outing a hole-in-one.  But in the end, everyone walks away a winner after enjoying the country club treatment without the country club price on these beautiful public golf courses.


3. Let’s Get REEL

Maybe the golf course got the best of you and you need to redeem your man pride with some big fish catches.  Lucky for you, the Mississippi River is one of the best fisheries in the country boasting over 100 species of freshwater-finned-adversaries.  Bask in the bounty of delicious walleye, aggressive bass, ferocious northern pike, and big panfish.  Rent a boat or hop on one of the fishing floats with over 500 feet of fishable dock space!  Whatever you decide, you’ll be sure to reel in some Mississippi River memories with the boys.  Plus, nothing decides who’s the manliest amongst your crew than measuring the size of your… fish.  


4. You Bet Your Axe

Still need to release some testosterone or win back some of that money you lost to your buddies on the course or the water?  Then try your hand at axe throwing!  It’s like darts but manlier and more badaxe.  Grab a Wisconsin beer and some grub to top off the amusement. According to the Driftless Axe, “With extended exposure to Axe Throwing you may experience enhanced physique, increased attitude, and a greater level of confidence! In other words, you’ll become more awesome!”  Need we say more?

The memories made during the guys’ getaway only get better with each bite of the fried fish from your catch washed down with a savory local beer.  So grab your rods and clubs and get your axe to the La Crosse Region for a weekend with the boys!