Outdoor Recreation Alliance

We are the Outdoor Recreation Alliance, and we believe trails are for everyone. Providing a resource that’s truly free and accessible to the community is of high importance to our organization and remains part of both our mission and vision for impact. If we are successful, the future of our community will look like a thriving network of people with abundant outdoor resources, access to trails and rec areas from town, neighborhoods connected by greenspaces and foot travel opportunities, all public and protected areas utilized by the public in a sustainable and responsible way, outdoor spaces preserved and protected indefinitely, and 50+ miles of trails throughout the Coulee Region.
The State of Wisconsin is home to 3.5 million urban residents and a recent poll of the most needed recreation access in our state lists the #1 need as hiking/walking/running trails, and #2 as bicycle trails. Our organization exists because nearly every person in our state has provided feedback that they need and want more trails close to home. How do we do that? We pursue building projects like the Gateway Trail System, Miller Bluff Hiking Trails, Upper Hixon Pump Track, Lueth Park wheeled sports playground, and Community Forests where we have the opportunity to provide space and trails for all. 
125 7th St. N,  La Crosse, WI 54601