People’s Food Co-op

Clean, fresh food made every day in our kitchens. And it starts with the ingredients, selected the way you would if you were making it in your own kitchen. Co-op’s OwnTM is food you can feel good about—that nourishes your body and protects the planet.


Finally, a grocery store deli where everything is made from scratch – no five gallon buckets of potato salad here! PFC’s deli offers taste sensations from around the culinary world, with familiar favorites like homemade chicken and tuna salad to Greek feta salad, garlic lover’s pasta, handmade salmon cakes, blackened tofu steaks and grain salads like barley almond. There’s something for everyone. See something that interests you, but aren’t sure you’ll like it? Don’t hesitate to ask for a sample…we’d be happy to give you a taste.


Are you having a party? People’s Food Co-op can help! Our talented deli and kitchen staff can provide you with a great experience for all your catering needs. Enjoy freshly made products from the finest ingredients around. We use local ingredients whenever possible. We also pride ourselves in giving outstanding customer service, with quality, consistency, and food safety at the forefront of everything we do. Let our experienced Catering staff make your next event a success!

315 Fifth Avenue South

La Crosse, WI 54601

(608) 784-5798