Things to Know: Cruisin’ Craft Beer & Film Festival


By Sara Walters

Saturday, August 25th, 2018
Weber Center for the Performing Arts
Beer tasting begins at 6pm


For many in La Crosse County, biking is the prefered mode of transportation. Cruisin’ Craft Beer and Film Festival celebrates this local love through its first-ever bike-centered film event.

Things you should know before you go:

1. Anyone can attend – Tickets are available for film fans of all ages. Shows and speakers are family-friendly and the Weber Center for Performing Arts is a comfortable viewing venue for squirmy kiddos. At 6pm though, attendees must be 21+. Tickets are only $5 for kids under 12.

2. Bikers also love beer – In a city that has a group called “Beer by Bike Brigade,” cold beverages go hand-in-hand with biking in La Crosse. The festival’s craft beer tasting will feature over 20 options to sample. $50 gets you complete access to both beer and films.

3. It’s the perfect pairing – There will be music from Isaac Dummer and his acoustic guitar to enjoy while you taste the beers. What’s better than a little live music and a cold brew on a summer night? Add the Weber Center’s beautiful Mississippi River view to that and you’ve got an awesome evening ahead.

4. Bike-centered stories – All of the films featured at the event will relate in some way to bicycles, bicyclists, and bicycling in interesting, creative, and even surprising ways. This year’s event even has a (possibly-foreshadowing) film about biking after a night of tasting too many beers!