We’re Not Bluffing – We Have Ancient Beauty

The Driftless Region – A part of the world with unparalleled views, a distinct topography, and a puzzling name.

What is the Driftless Region, and why should you add it to your must-see bucket list?

Why “Driftless”?

“Drift” refers to glacial drift: the rock and sediment deposited by a glacier as it moves over an area of land. During the last Ice Age, a small piece of the Upper Mississippi Region was miraculously left untouched by glacial erosion and deposits. The surrounding landscapes that once featured prominent bluffs were leveled to plains and rolling hills, yet no glaciers entered one small pocket; thus, the Driftless Region became the last remnant of the natural, rugged terrain that once spanned today’s Upper Midwest.

Straddling the Mississippi River, the Driftless Region of today spans for more than 24,000 miles across Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Illinois. La Crosse County is one of the 18 Wisconsin counties within the realm of the Driftless. Other names for this area of Wisconsin include the Western Upland and the Coulee Region.

The Driftless Region- A Natural Playground

If you’re looking for boundless outdoor adventures, look no further! With trails for hiking, rivers to fish and paddle, challenging cycling routes, and much more, there is definitely a Driftless experience for everyone. The natural landscape of the Driftless Region offers unique experiences for all skill and comfort levels. For a sense of the expanse of the Region, visit Grandad Bluff in La Crosse for a birds-eye view of the City below, Minnesota, and Iowa.

We’re not bluffing- the Driftless Region offers it all.

No trip to the La Crosse Region is complete without a Driftless experience. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE REGION >

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