5 Haunted Places in La Crosse, WI

Author: Miranda Martin

While any town has rumors of “haunted” areas, La Crosse is home to some truly spooky terrors.

Here’s a list of five can’t-miss places if you’re on a hunt for the haunt…

#5- Bodega Brew Pub

This pub is over 100 years old, which is enough to tell you it’ll be haunted. The story goes that a previous owner hung himself in the basement of the bar, and it has been visited by ghosts ever since. Many people have seen ghosts or heard spooky noises, and the employees say you can hear voices talking in the basement. Not creepy enough for you? Let’s head to…

#4- Del’s Bar

Visitors love Del’s bar because instead of seeking out the rumors of hauntings, employees are more than happy to share their tales. Ask any employee and they’ll share hours worth of mysterious giggling voices, unexplained appearances, and much more.

#3- Coate Hall, UWL Campus

If you’re visiting La Crosse to tour the campus and love ghost stories, Coate Hall is a must-see. There have been tales of writing on bathroom mirrors, former students haunting the halls, and much more. Is it all just student’s tales, or is it something more? You decide.

#2- Warehouse Concert Venue

If you attend a concert here, even by yourself, you won’t feel alone in the crowd. There have been many sightings of a young girl floating around the building, always just out of reach. Their security system has picked up doors lined up in a row opening and closing when no one is in that area, as well. These sightings are more frequent when construction is being done to the building, so employees think the phantom is most interested when they remodel her home.

#1- Ghosts of Historic La Crosse (Walking Tour)

Join us for a spooky exploration of historic downtown La Crosse and allow us to introduce you to some residents who simply refuse to leave. Bartenders, restaurateurs and great lovers of the theater will be among the ghostly city dwellers you will hear about. Tours lead by professional storyteller Michael Scott and depart from outside the Explore La Crosse office on the north side of Riverside Park 410 Veterans Memorial Drive, La Crosse, Wisconsin. The walk is less than one mile. Tours run through the month of October on Wednesday nights at 8 PM. Register on their website.