Artist Reception/First Friday

Oct 4, 2022

05:00 pm - 07:00 pm

119 King Street
La Crosse, 54601

Event Website

(608) 785-1434

Jane Michalski’s Enduring Earth: Enduring Earth explores the structures of the earth through the three themes of; Bedrock Subtraction, Tectonic Shift and Rejuvenation in order to elicit a sense of wonder and appreciation for the planet. Michalski uses encaustic mixed-media paintings to express her connection to the earth and the unseen energies that connect us.

Drawn Together: One Morning each week throughout the year the Drawn Together artists meet in varied locations to draw from observation. Many local businesses, parks, and private homes have hosted the groups. The artists share their drawings informally with one another then take their sketchbooks back to further develop their ideas and images into more finished works. Drawings, paintings, sculpture, printmaking and collaged works will be shown in “Drawn Together” exhibit.