December 7, 2024 | 2PM - 6PM | La Crosse Center

Between the Bluffs Frothbite- Beer & Bites

Forty breweries featuring their taste of winter beers, ciders, seltzers….music, dancing.…and….ooooh the tasty food. This event promises a good time…the Wisconsin way! Cheers!

There’s Snow Place to Fest Like Between the Bluffs!

Get Ready To Savor Some Winterful Beverages and Jolly Good Bites from the La Crosse Region, Wisconsin, and the Midwest at the La Crosse Center!

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Join at the 2024 Between the Bluffs Frothbite- Beer & Bites Festival!
This epic festival will feature unique winter elixirs, craft beverages and delicious holiday bites. Mark your calendar to buy tickets and get in a jolly good mood by returning to the La Crosse Region with your festive entourage!


Cheers to Frothbite Beer & Bites Festival in 📍La Crosse, WI! Sample your favorite holiday craft beverage flavors from local, regional, and Midwest favorites and munch on tasty bites! This year we had so much fun with all of the games and activities! We hope you had a blast! Cheers and we hope to see you next year on December 7, 2024! #fyp #explorelacrosse #frothbite #beer #beerfestival #lacrossewisconsin #sample #betweenthebluffs

♬ Hard rock, rock Christmas songs(910844) – perfectpanda

Turn your volume up for a little ASMR beer caramlizing! 🍻 1571°F is the only beer caramelizer (beer poker) on the market and they will be at Frothbite Beer & Bites Festival this December! It works by flash heating the sugars found in craft beers and other alcoholic beverages. This happens by heating up the stainless steel tips until it is glowing red. Once glowing, plunge it into your drink to enjoy the transformation experience! #fyp #explorelacrosse #frothbite #fest #beerfest #beer #beercaramelizer

♬ original sound – Explore La Crosse

5 Things To Know Before You Go To Frothbite

Are you excited to take a break from the cold temperatures of winter? Can’t wait to mingle and sample great winter beers and delicious bites? Here are a few insightful things to know before you indulge in all the great offerings of Frothbite. 

The Craft Beers of the
La Crosse Region

Whether you prefer a refreshing, light beer or crave a hoppier, rich IPA, the La Crosse Region is increasingly becoming famous for the variety of local craft beverage options with unique selections, eccentric ambiances, and fun character.