December 7, 2024 | 12PM - 6PM

Sponsor Information & Media Kit

Between the Bluffs Frothbite Festival

Frothbite Festival

December 7, 2024 | 2PM – 6PM

Analytics of Frothbite

Social Media: Between the Bluffs Facebook page has about 7,000 followers and majority are 25 – 54, with 68% women. Through all main campaign, we reached over 30,000 individuals
Email Blasts: The Between the Bluffs Subscriber list holds around 14,000 people with an open rate of 45%. Campaigns starting in August and increasing in frequency the closer the event gets
Website Traffic: brings a reputable URL to the branding of Frothbite. ‘’ brought in over 30,000 page visits in 2022. Frothbite’s main landing and ticket pages brought in over 16,000 visits
Sweepstakes: Ticket and Getaway sweepstakes drove significant traffic, adding 10,000 visits to our total count in 2022. with 1,200 users participating
Total Exposure: Based off of last years numbers and the projection that we are still growing. We estimate, over 100,000 views of your brand

Sponsorship Levels

VIP Sponsor

– Sponsor provided banners in all designated VIP areas

– 10 VIP Tickets ($800 Value)

– Logo on VIP Gift

– Logo on all VIP Tickets

– PA mentions as the VIP Sponsor

Presenting sponsor

– Official Presenting Sponsor, ” Frothbite, Presented by (Your Logo).”

– Sponsor Provided banners displayed prominently at event

– Logo and/or name on all marketing materials

– 10 VIP + 10 GA Tickets ($1200 Value)

– Booth onsite

– PA mentions as the presenting sponsor

Tasting Glass Sponsor

– Logo on 1800 tasting glasses

– 4 VIP +10 GA Tickets ($720 Value)

– Sponsor Provided Banners Displayed onsite

– PA Mentions as the Glass Sponsor

Apparel Sponsor

– Logo on all official Frothbite apparel items

– 4 VIP +10 GA Tickets ($720 Value)

– Sponsor Provided Banners Displayed onsite

– Booth onsite to display additional merch

– PA Mentions as the Apparel Sponsor

Brewery, Bites, or Entertainment Sponsor

– Logos and Banners displayed throughout the venue as your dedicated sponsorship area

– Brewery, Bites, or Entertainment sponsored by “Your Logo”

– 4 VIP + 8 GA Tickets ($640 Value)

– PA mentions as Brewery, Bites , or Entertainment Sponsor

Ticket Sponsor

– Logo Displayed on all Tickets

– 4 VIP + 8 GA Tickets ($640 Value)

– Sponsor provided banners displayed at venue entrance

– PA mentions as Ticket Sponsor

Digital Media

Digital media is the same for all sponsorship levels, with varying consistency, especially our presenting sponsor who will receive premium exposure.

Each sponsor will receive the following:

– Logo and link to website on Festival Website

– Logo and Mentions in social media and Newsletters

– Banner ads on Festival Website

– Participation in our annual advent calendar

Sponsorship Registration Form

Frothbite Festival wouldn’t be possible without help from brands like you coming to provide the La Crosse Region with a truly fantastic experience. If you are interested in showcasing your company with on-site and digital marketing click the button below to explore our sponsorship options.

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Thank You To Our Frothbite Sponsors!