Danzig the Hypnotist is Messing’ With Your Brain: A Halloween Comedy Hypnosis Show!

Oct 28, 2022

08:00 pm - 09:30 pm

The MAIN, 422 Main St
La Crosse, 54601

Event Website

(507) 358-2031

Danzig the Hypnotist is Messin’ With Your Brain: A Halloween Comedy Hypnosis Show!

The MAIN will be jumping with fun, laughter and excitement as Master Hypnotist DAVID DANZIG electrifies the audience with his hilarious COMEDY HYPNOSIS SHOW! on Friday, October 28 at 8:00 PM.

During the show, volunteers undergo a complete transformation. The pandemonium is all great fun and will have the audience laughing non-stop from start-to-finish during this special appearance.

Hypnosis is very unique entertainment that features – and relies upon – the imagination and talents of volunteers. It combines the fun of total audience participation with the incredible abilities of the mind. You will laugh and applaud for your friends on stage as you have never seen them before. The quietest introvert will often become the “star” of the show.

Everyone can be hypnotized. It’s worth mentioning that nobody is ever forced to participate on stage. DANZIG highlights and accentuates the talents and creativity of his volunteers. He does nothing to embarrass them. Count on laughter from beginning-to-end, but no one is going to do anything that they’ll regret.

DANZIG says: “I look forward to seeing everyone at the show, and YES, it is for real. If you have any doubts, volunteer to join me up on stage!”