Prairie Pollinators Walk: a free outdoor learning event

Aug 19, 2023

10:00 am - 11:30 am

N3065 County Rd FA
La Crosse WI, 54601

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WHAT: Prairie Pollinators Walk
WHERE: La Crosse Blufflands North, Cty Rd FA Trailhead (Mathy Quarry Trails)
WHEN: 10:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m. on Saturday, August 19, 2023

Pollinators and their native habitat will be identified and discussed by
naturalists from Friends of the Blufflands and Mississippi Valley Conservancy
LA CROSSE, WI – Mississippi Valley Conservancy is pleased to offer a guided Prairie
Pollinators Walk to help identify and appreciate the essential role of native habitats and
pollinators on Saturday, August 19 th . Participants will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of
the La Crosse blufflands while learning about ongoing restoration efforts to support diverse
natural communities there. This activity is part of Wisconsin Land Trust Days, a statewide
celebration of conservation and the role of land trusts in protecting the natural health and scenic
beauty of our state and beyond.
The expert guides leading this wildflower walk, Mike O’Brien from Friends of the Blufflands
and Chris Kirkpatrick from Mississippi Valley Conservancy, will share their knowledge of
prairie pollinators and the beneficial roles they play in La Crosse’s bluffland ecology.
This site’s 477 acres offer scenic vistas and almost 5 miles of hiking trails. From the County
Road FA trailhead, one can enjoy an easy hike out onto one of the northernmost sections of the
beautiful La Crosse Blufflands. Along this trail, participants will see rock outcroppings, blufftop
prairies, and the remains of a rock quarry. Pollinators that might be observed utilizing the prairie
plantings include native bumblebees and butterflies such as monarchs. The presenters will also
discuss the relationship between the prairie plants and the pollinators as well as management
considerations and the benefits of native pollinators.
This land was protected through the La Crosse Blufflands Protection Program to provide scenic
preservation and ensure that the beauty of the City’s landscape is not destroyed by poorly-
planned development. The program was created to protect rare natural communities such as bluff
prairies and provide a marvelous outdoor recreational resource for the public.

The Conservancy’s 2023 Linked to the Land series of outdoor events is sponsored by Olson
Solar Energy with media support from WXOW/News 19.
ADVANCE REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED for this FREE event by August 16 at Carpooling is recommended due to limited
parking space.


Founded in 1997, Mississippi Valley Conservancy is a nationally accredited nonprofit regional
land trust that has permanently protected more than 25,000 acres of scenic lands in southwestern
Wisconsin by working with landowners, businesses and local communities on voluntary
conservation projects. The focus of the Conservancy is to conserve the bluffs, forests, prairies,
wetlands, streams and farms that enrich our communities, for the health and well-being of
current and future generations. Learn more about conservation, future hikes, and volunteer
opportunities at