Heart and Soil Ridge Farm Camp

Jun 13, 2022 to Jun 17, 2022

10:00 am - 03:00 pm

29224 County Road 125
Dakota, 55925

Event Website

(608) 780-1203

Experience life on the farm this summer! Goats, sheep, cattle, horses, chickens – join us on our week-long day-camp to explore, learn, discover, and enjoy all kinds of down-on-the-farm fun.

Summer is almost here and that means figuring out what the kids will be doing while out of school. We are overjoyed to share our farm with your family for Farm Camp!

Fifty years ago mom and dad would send the kids to spend the week on gramma and grampa’s farm because they knew the exposure to the land, animals, and the food produced gave the kids a chance to explore nature in a hands-on way – – an experience that is often missing in today’s fast-paced society filled with electronics.

Heart and Soil Ridge is the closest you will come to re-creating the comforting rituals and daily rhythms only experienced on a working farm.

Campers will fully immerse themselves in the daily workings of our farm – collecting the eggs, feeding the pigs, watering the sheep and goats, moving cows to fresh pasture, milking the goats, making butter or ice-cream – the list goes on!

Plus, on the last day of Farm Camp, Campers will work in teams to put together a Pop-Up Farmers Market showcasing to their parents and friends all the fun they’ve had on the farm during the week.

Farm Camp happens for one week in June, 13-17th, 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM Monday thru Friday and there is limited space.

We have a full description of this on our site, www.heartandsoilridge.com/farmcamp

Here is just a small peek:

Monday: Goats and Sheep Day

Tuesday: Poultry and Pigs Day

Wednesday: Regenerative Agriculture and Pollinators Day

Thursday: Horse and Cow Day

Friday: Prepare for Market Day

We can’t wait to help you dig in to life on the farm!