Music of Pakistan – Sana Illahe

Apr 15, 2023

2:00 pm

Pump House Regional Arts Center, 119 King St.
La Crosse WI, 54601


Music of Pakistan – Sana Illahe, Free Concert at the Pump House Saturday, April 15, 2023, 2 PM
Free performance – Donations accepted, proceeds go to the artist Sana Illahe, a lecturer in the UWL Race, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department, is a highly trained vocalist in the Hindustani classical music tradition of Pakistan. She is completing a solo album of original songs sung in her native language, Urdu. She is a composer and lyricist, and has written a number of classical and non-classical works she performs in concert .Dr. Illahe will share the centuries’ old music that has been passed down orally through generations. She performs sargam (solfege) and the classical, traditional song forms (kheyal, thumri, ghazal, kafi). Additionally, she plays the surmandal, tanpura, and harmonium in her performances.