Sunday dance at LaCrosse Concordia with live band Steve Meisner

Apr 23, 2023

01:00 pm - 05:00 pm

1129 La Crosse Street
LaCrosse, 546003

Event Website

(608) 769-6731

Live band, dancing, food, and beverages are at Concordia. Voted Best Dance Floor. $10 at door.
Non-dancers can enjoy the music, dancers and the lovely atmosphere of this wonderful historic building. Many single people attend the dances therefore partners are not required.
Steve plays traditional American polka with fresh spark and swing, while retaining the roots of the music. Steve has performed with the nation’s top polka icons, including Myron Floren, Frank Yankovic, Joey Miskulin, and his father, Verne Meisner. He has won numerous polka music awards, and his music is featured in a full-length motion picture “Chump Change”, and several shorts. Writer, director, and actor Steve Burrows from Hollywood CA calls Steve “the Mozart of Polka”. Steve says, “Music is a large part of the soul of our society and I want to touch that part of people’s soul…that part of their soul that makes a difference in their lives and shows them that music and dancing can excite, motivate and heal.”