UWL Concert Choir & Treble Chorus: The Peace of Wild Things

Mar 6, 2024

07:30 pm - 09:00 pm

Cappella Center for Performing Arts, 721 King St
La Crosse, 54601

Event Website

(608) 785-7446

"We Are a Circle" by Rick Hamouris, arranged by Joan Szymko, is a choral piece characterized by its uplifting and inclusive theme. The lyrics emphasize unity and connection, and with the addition of percussion by Dr. Tammy Fisher, it may carry a rhythmic and dynamic quality.

Allister MacGillivray's "Song for the Mira," arranged by Stuart Calvert, is a beautiful rendition of the Canadian folk song.

"All Creatures Now are Merry Minded" by John Bennett, who lived around 1575-1615, is a lively and festive choral number. The piece features joyful and celebratory themes, with a historical touch reflecting the Renaissance era.

"The Blue Bird" composed by Charles Stanford (1852-1924) is a choral piece known for its lush harmonies and expressive melodies. With soloists Esther Hammen and Gloria Toftad, this piece evokes a serene and enchanting atmosphere, exploring themes of nature and beauty.

"Fa Shu Ha" arranged by Yu-Shan Tsai from the original composition by Yu-Wie Hsie, is a dynamic and rhythmic piece. With Josh Piechowski as the soloist, the choral arrangement may showcase the lively and spirited qualities of the traditional Taiwanese tune.

"Sensemaya" by Sid Robinovitch (b. 1942) is a piece inspired by the poem of the same name by Nicolás Guillén. The composition may feature rhythmic patterns and percussive elements, capturing the ritualistic and primal nature of the original poem.

"The Lady in the Water" composed by Eric William Barnum (b. 1979) draws inspiration from myth or folklore. With an expressive and emotive style, it tells a captivating story through choral music.

"Mirar al Río" by Julio Morales (b. 1986) is a contemporary choral piece. The composition explores modern themes and use innovative harmonies and textures, showcasing Morales's unique voice in choral music.

Nancy Telfer's "Butterfly" is likely a piece that captures the delicate and transformative nature of butterflies. Telfer, known for her choral compositions, may have created a piece that musically mirrors the grace and beauty of these creatures.

"Wind-Song" by Richard Kidd, born in 1954, suggests a composition that may be inspired by the gentle and flowing qualities of the wind. The piece may feature harmonies and melodies that evoke a sense of movement and tranquility.

"Shenandoah," arranged by Nancy Grundahl, is a traditional folk song that may be presented in a choral setting. Grundahl's arrangement may showcase the timeless and nostalgic qualities of the song, capturing the essence of American folk music.

"Come To My Garden" by Lucy Simon, arranged by John Leavitt, is likely an excerpt from the musical "The Secret Garden." The piece may feature lush and expressive choral arrangements, reflecting the enchanting and inviting atmosphere of a garden.

"The Peace of Wild Things" by Joan Szymko is likely to be a contemplative and introspective piece. Szymko, known for her expressive compositions, may have created a work that explores the tranquility found in nature, drawing inspiration from the poem "The Peace of Wild Things" by Wendell Berry.