Waterfowl Hunt

Oct 15, 2022 to Oct 21, 2022

River Bottoms Tract
W2488 Refuge Rd
Trempeauleau WI, 54661


Trempealeau Refuge to Offer a Waterfowl Hunt For Persons with Disabilities

This year Trempealeau National Wildlife Refuge will offer the opportunity to hunt the River  Bottoms tract from Saturday October 15 – Friday October 21, 2022. This portion of the Refuge  will be closed to other public use and hunters will be provided with a code to access the property.  There will be an accessible porta-potty stationed for daily use and a warming shelter to get out of  the weather, if needed. 

To participate in this special refuge hunt, all applicants must have a Wisconsin Class A or C  Disabled Hunting Permit, a current Wisconsin issued small game license, 2022 State & Federal  Duck Stamps, and a completed application. This hunt is limited to 14 participants. If more than  14 applications are received by the deadline (October 7, 2022), a random drawing will be held. 

Hunters and assistants may download the application package or pick one up at the Refuge  Office. Please send the completed application and signed permit to the refuge or you can drop it  off at the office during office hours Tuesday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. After hours you can  place it in the drop box at the Refuge maintenance shop which is a mail slot on the three-stall  garage. There is a sign indicating it is the area to drop off applications. 

Interested hunters or assistants may contact Hallie Rasmussen for more details or questions at  608-779-2392 or email Hallie_rasmussen@fws.gov (TTY users may call via the Wisconsin  State Relay Service at 1-800-947-3529). To request an application by mail, write to Trempealeau  National Wildlife Refuge, W28488 Refuge Road, Trempealeau, Wisconsin 54661.