Fall Fishing Feeding Frenzy: Guides of the La Crosse Region

Fishing in the fall can be like fishing with dynamite! The Mississippi River and its many tributaries out of La Crosse, as well as the incredible cold-water trout streams, are primed to deliver a memorable excursion filled with catching and maybe even your next wall-hanger.

Photo Credit: Norm Yackle

Fish are aggressive as they heavily feed in preparation for the cold winter months ahead. Cooler water temperatures congregate the fish and dissipate recreational boat traffic, leaving more water for you to enjoy without dealing with the crowds.

Massive schools of predatory fish like bass (smallmouth and largemouth) and northern pike put on a fireworks show as they explode the water’s surface and send baitfish fleeing in all directions. Hordes of feisty walleyes congregate on wingdams and deeper holes in the main channel of the Mississippi River making them easier to target and provide plentiful rod-bending action. Giant, pan-sized bluegills and crappies can fill livewells in no time. Yellow perch, aptly referred to as “footballs” due to their bulbous
stature, are sure to score big in your on-the-water adventures as well as in your fryer. Heart-pounding fights and chess-like battles are plentiful with massive Mississippi River flathead catfish, typically in the 20 – 30-pound class but often weighing as much as 40, 50, or even more! Beautiful autumn colors aren’t only found on the foliage this time of year: brown and brook trout colors pop with vibrancy in the endless cold-water creeks and streams of the La Crosse Region.

Area guides have years of experience navigating the region’s bountiful waterways. Take the guesswork out and plan your trip with these experts to enjoy the most exciting fishing of the year and making life-long memories!

Photo Credit: Adrenaline Angler

Adrenaline Angling Guide Service

Adam Christianson, owner of Adrenaline Angling Guide service is fully licensed, insured, and USCG captain with years of Mississippi river knowledge! Have you ever wanted to fish the Mississippi River, but don’t know where to start? Ever wanted to learn new tactics and techniques? How about a ride in an airboat to a trophy perch bite? Get ahold of his guide book for your next great day on the water!

(608) 451-2986
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Norm’s Guide Service

Norm’s Guide Service offers fully guided fly-fishing excursions for fall’s big, colored-up browns and brookies as well as chilly floats for fired up muskies and smallies. “Fall is a great time to get out in the Driftless! It’s my favorite time of year to target browns and brookies,” states Norm. As the trout prepare for the spawn in late fall, they start moving upstream and putting on the feedbag. It’s a great time to throw big streamers for aggressive, colored up fish! It’s also the best time of year to chase musky. The leaves changing means we’ll be throwing bigger flies and chasing true trophy fish. Fall musky floats are hard to beat with a combination of the scenery and the chance at a fish of a lifetime. 

(815) 382-2750
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McCormick’s River Guide Service

With over 20 years of experience fishing the waters of the Upper Mississippi River, McCormick’s River Guide Service is sure to put you on the season’s hottest bite! This multi-species guide service specializes in Walleye, Perch, Northern Pike, Bass, and Flathead Catfish. Every trip is an experience as guide and professional walleye angler, Mike McCormick, teaches you some of the finer details behind jigging, bottom bouncers, casting, trolling, and more.

(608) 780-5972
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Galen Bremmer Guided Fishing Trips

Galen Bremmer provides an exceptional guided fishing experience and will take you fishing anywhere on the Mississippi River. Galen has been fishing for over thirty years, and, with the heart of a teacher, he will make sure that your fishing experience will be unforgettable. He knows all of the “tricks” to catch all kinds of fish — Walleye, Bass, and more! No matter what your skill level is, Galen will ensure a fun, safe, and educational time on the water.

(608) 604-6354
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