The Bangor School District

The Bangor School District is preparing the students to become productive citizens in the 21st Century and beyond . The School District of Bangor provides a wide range of academic, extra and co-curricular opportunities for our students that prepares them to be not only excellent students but also to compete in the global economy.  We offer those unlimited opportunities in a small school setting where every student can connect with a passionate and child-centered staff.

With a variety of offerings before, during, and after the school day, the Bangor School District is the perfect place for students to excel.  We are proud to have small class sizes at every level in our district.  Our educational offerings begin with our four-year-old kindergarten program.  In our elementary, our staff works extremely hard preparing our children to gain the needed skills, especially in reading and math, to succeed as they grow and mature.  At the middle school, students are given their first opportunity to explore curriculum in many different areas including Information Technology, Family and Consumer Education, Technology Education, Agriculture, Band and Choir.  In addition, students in grades 4-12 have 1-to-1 access to iPads and students in grades 6-12 can take them home.  At the high school level, students are allowed to further explore areas of career and personal interest while also preparing for post-secondary education.  The School District of Bangor will continue to be on the cutting edge educationally and technologically to meet the needs of students and society now and in the future.