Culvers of Onalaska

Culvers  of Onalaska is a fast, casual restaurant featuring hamburgers made the way they used to be in the 1950s! Premium frozen custard desserts including malts, shakes, sundaes and cones.  Check out the flavor of the day custard!

Family farm fresh dairy, Midwest beef handcrafted for you.  A Wisconsin favorite, first opened in Sauk City, Wisconsin.  Now the restaurants can now be found throughout the Midwest.  Every butterburger is made to order, hot and fresh.  Made  with beef that is always fresh and never frozen.

What makes their custard so special?  It’s made with less air, so it is creamier than regular ice cream.  It’s served at a temperature that won’t freeze your taste buds.   Allowing you to enjoy the flavor longer.  Each batch made fresh in the restaurant throughout the day.  Using cold-pressed vanilla and dutch-blend chocolate.

Take a look at the website to find your favorite Flavor of the Day.  Everything from old favorites like Rocky Road to new favorites like Peanut Butter Chocolate Banana.  In a dish or cone, you can’t go wrong.

9422 State Hwy 16 Onalaska, WI, 54650