Project Category: Public Art

Family – Sculpture

Artist: Elmer Peterson Location: Gundersen Clinic, 1836 South Avenue This 8′ tall sculpture features a family of four cast in bronze.

Eagle Landmark – Sculpture

Artist: Elmer Peterson Location: Riverside Park Towering at 38′ tall, this sculpture depicts a bald eagle with a 20′ wingspan.  It is constructed from COR-TEN steel and stainless steel.  The different weathering properties of these materials create the eagle’s white head and tail in contrast to the rusted color of the remaining sculpture.

Dancing Francis

Dancing Francis Artist: Paul Granlun Location: Viterbo University, 900 Viterbo Drive A 9′ tall bronze sculpture commemorating Saint Francis of Assisi.  Saint Francis is depicted standing on a crescent of the moon, holding a sun disk in his hand.

Dancing Clare

Dancing Clare Artist: David Kocka Location: Viterbo University, near the Fine Arts area of Assisi Courtyard This is a bronze sculpture commemorating Saint Clare of Assisi.

Dancers – Sculpture

Artist: Donna Gerke-Cutta Location: 119 King Street, Pump House Regional Arts Center Enjoy this whimsical blue stainless steel sculpture depicting two female dancing figures as well as a looping ribbon around them.  The flowing ribbon is reminiscent of the nearby Mississippi River.

Boy with Butterfly

Boy with Butterfly Artist: Elmer Petersen Location: Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center Lobby This sculpture is a welded and steel-coated with bronze by braising, standing at 5’9″ tall.  It depicts a young boy reaching for a butterfly.


Anidonts Artist: Luis Arata Location: Myrick Park Abstract painted aluminum sculpture of a boy and his dog located at the entrance of Myrick Park.

An Educator's Tools – Sculpture

Artist: Brad Nichols Location: Viterbo University, Northwest Corner of Murphy Center This six-foot tall metal sculpture was erected to commemorate past, present, and future educators.  It includes tools such as a ruler, pencil, paintbrush, journal, and cylinder.

Adolf and Helga Gundersen

Adolf and Helga Gundersen Artist: Michael Martino Location: 7th Street and Denton Street This piece of art is a life-size bronze sculpture of the founders of Gundersen Clinic, Adolf and Helga Gundersen.

A Simpler Time

A Simpler Time Artist: Michael Martino Location: Riverside Park, near the levee Set along the banks of the Mississippi River, “A Simpler Time” includes a life-size sculpture of children and their dog.  The design of the sculpture is a traditional figurative bronze that depicts an old tradition of greeting the boats on the river.  The… Read more »