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La Crosse Region Learning Adventures

Discovering The La Crosse Region’s Museums and Historical Sights. Explore the rich history and culture in the La Crosse Region through an immersive journey into its museums and historical landmarks. Uncover the stories of the past of those communities that have shaped this picturesque area. Join us on a captivating exploration as we delve into the historical and museum experiences that bring the La Crosse Region’s to life.

The “Scoop” on Cold, Specialty Summer Treats


Scooping Season is Here! What better way to celebrate the warming temps than to savor frozen custard or your favorite ice cream flavor! Even better, Wisconsin boasts of a multitude of dairy farms, contributing to the feel-good taste in every bite. We’ve pulled together a list of some legendary, La Crosse Region ice cream parlors… Read more »

Get on the Water in the La Crosse Region

Water has a magical way of captivating the human spirit. For time immemorial it has drawn explorers, mystics, and weekend warriors to its shores in search of adventure, reflection, or some good ol’ fashioned fun.

The La Crosse Region Summer Buck List!

Lace up your hiking boots, splash around the many waterways, grab a ticket for a tour, and bring your furry-friends because it’s summer-time in the La Crosse Region!

Ultimate Country Boom Sweepstake: Win Free Weekend Tickets!

Enter for a chance to win free concert tickets with our exciting Country Boom Sweepstake! This sweepstakes prize includes 3-day general admission tickets to Country Boom, a country music festival in West Salem, Wisconsin.

Summer Dining On The Water

Soak up the summer sun and enjoy a meal with family and friends at one of the La Crosse Region’s many outdoor waterfront dining options!

Relaxed Recreation: Summer Itinerary

Whether you’re a Foodie Guru, an Arts and History Buff, or an Adrenaline Junkie, a Social Butterfly or prefer the ever-coveted Family Time, the La Crosse Region is for YOU!

Sun, Fun & Flavors: Win the Ultimate Summer Fun Sweepstake

The La Crosse Region bursts with adventures suitable for the mom in your life!
Enter to win the Mother’s Day Sweepstake, a $300+ value, and share wonderful memories together. The Giveaway Winner will win gift cards for delicious cuisine, unique local shopping, a scenic river cruise for two, and an epic outdoor recreation opportunities!

It’s National Travel & Tourism Week!

Celebrate National Travel & Tourism Week with us and learn why it should matter to you! Learn more on the future of travel and the critical role our industry will play in reconnecting travelers and more!

Blooms & Bites: Spring Itinerary Guide

As late spring unfolds in the La Crosse Region, the city is abuzz with outdoor activities and blooming landscapes. It’s a perfect time to explore hiking trails, parks, and paddling along the many waterways that flow through our region. From breathtaking natural wonders to vibrant cultural events and mouthwatering culinary delights, this itinerary is here for you! Follow along with Tiffany (@goingandexploring) and let the adventure begin!