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Blooms & Bites: Spring Itinerary Guide

As late spring unfolds in the La Crosse Region, the city is abuzz with outdoor activities and blooming landscapes. It’s a perfect time to explore hiking trails, parks, and paddling along the many waterways that flow through our region. From breathtaking natural wonders to vibrant cultural events and mouthwatering culinary delights, this itinerary is here for you! Follow along with Tiffany (@goingandexploring) and let the adventure begin!

Mother’s Day Sweepstake

The La Crosse Region bursts with adventures suitable for the mom in your life!
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New La Crosse Region Businesses

The La Crosse Region has so many new up-and-coming businesses and locations to see and things to do. Check out some of the exciting newcomers making waves in the La Crosse Region business landscape today!

Upcoming Festivals In The La Crosse Region

Festivals in the La Crosse Region

Welcome to the vibrant world of festivals in the La Crosse Region! From lively music festivals that echo through the bluffs to charming cultural events that honor centuries-old traditions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy amidst the scenic beauty of the La Crosse Region.

If You Like To Wander, then You’ll Love Getting Lost in the La Crosse Region

You don’t have to travel to distant destinations in order to uncover mountain-like vistas, epic waterways, riveting road trips, or natural wonders! Located just a road trip away, the La Crosse Region bursts with wander-ful treasures suitable for every type of explorer. Get lost in the wonder where charming attractions and rare topography collide!

Reasons to Visit Each Season

Why you should visit the La Crosse Region all year round!

The La Crosse Region in Wisconsin is a year-round must-travel destination that bursts with blossoms in spring, boasts trails and festivals in summer, showcases vibrant fall colors on its bluffs, and provides a plethora of winter entertainment. From strolling through blooming gardens in spring to enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and biking in summer, and… Read more »

Valentine’s Getaway Sweepstakes

Enter to win a Weekend Getaway to explore the Region famous for colorful ancient bluffs, delicious cuisine, unique local shopping, seasonal craft beverages, outdoor adventures, and cozy hideaways.

Epic Activities for Kids in the La Crosse Region

Epic kid adventures in the La Crosse Region

Discover a world of excitement and adventure for your little ones in the La Crosse Region! Find epic activities designed to ignite the imagination of kids and create lasting memories. Fun for big and little kids, these adventures are a big hit for families in the La Crosse Region. Check out all the ways you can entertain and make special memories with your family this winter!

24 Resolutions to do in the Year 2024 in the La Crosse Region

24 Things to do in the year 2024 in the La Crosse Region

Whether it’s exploring hidden gems, supporting local businesses, or embarking on new adventures, this list is designed to make 2024 a year full of meaningful experiences. Reign in the New Year in the Region with 24 resolutions to complete between the bluffs!

9 Reasons to Visit the La Crosse Region this Winter

Nine reasons to visit the La Crosse Region in the winter with two people biking over the snow covered bluffs

There are epic new memories to be made in the La Crosse Region all year long! Don’t miss your chance at one-of-a-kind outdoor recreation, divine dining, picturesque lodging and unique shopping locations.