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Redfeather Canoe Giveaway

Enter to win a Weekend Getaway to explore the Region famous for colorful ancient bluffs, delicious cuisine, unique local shopping, seasonal craft beverages, outdoor adventures, and cozy hideaways.

Perch on Ice with Jim Crowley Outdoors

La Crosse is home to excellent fishing opportunities, from tiny Explore La Crosse was thrilled to invite Jim Crowley from Jim Crowley Outdoors back to the La Crosse Region – hitting the ice and catching lunkers!

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Go: Family Sports Travel

By: Anastasia Penchi You know the drill. Scramble and pack on Friday morning and hope you remember everything so you won’t have to shop for a wrestling singlet or running shoes at a department store chain that you’re not familiar with in a city you don’t know very well.Winter sports tournament season is upon us,… Read more »