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5 Haunted Places in La Crosse, WI

Author: Miranda Martin While any town has rumors of “haunted” areas, La Crosse is home to some truly spooky terrors. Here’s a list of five can’t-miss places if you’re on a hunt for the haunt… #5- Bodega Brew Pub This pub is over 100 years old, which is enough to tell you it’ll be haunted. The story… Read more »

10 Historic Places in La Crosse County

For all you history buffs out there…   La Crosse is home to more historic places than most people realize!   10. Joseph B. Funke Company If you’ve previously visited La Crosse, WI and stayed at The Charmant Hotel, stopped in to grab a cup of locally brewed coffee, or maybe treated your sweetheart to… Read more »

5 Famous People From La Crosse County

This city is not only a great location to visit, but also a hometown to many well-known names. If you needed more reasons to visit La Crosse County take a look at who (or what) claims it as their birthplace… #5-Gottlieb Heileman Heilman is best known for founding The G. Heileman Brewing Company in 1858… Read more »

5 Hidden Gem Restaurants in La Crosse County

5 Hidden Gem Restaurants

Looking for a great dining experience when you visit La Crosse County? Check out these five hidden gem restaurants that are just as good as the popular places, or, dare we say it, even better. 1. The Mint This restaurant is a farm to table experience, with locally sourced fresh food coming in daily. If you… Read more »

Miranda’s Choice: 7 Can’t Miss Restaurants in La Crosse County

The hardest choice to make while visiting La Crosse County is where to eat! There are so many delicious options, making the difficult choice a good problem to have. Lucky for you, we’ve made that decision easier. Here are seven places you won’t want to miss while visiting La Crosse County. 1. Blue Moon This… Read more »