From seasonal smells and roaring waves to epic views and festive flavors... Ignite your sense with the wonder of the La Crosse Region.

Come to your senses and explore the La Crosse Region!

Mere hours from the hustle and bustle of Midwest hubs, the La Crosse Region offers exciting flavors, charming history, captivating views, and unparalleled outdoor recreation. Ignite your senses and make memories with those that matter most between the bluffs and along the mighty Mississippi River! Cover Credit: Rebecca Siebenaler


From bluffs to bridges, uncover epic views in the La Crosse Region. See captivating, tri-state vistas while hiking ancient Grandad Bluff and admire compelling arts and history in local museums. Observe the natural topography of the Driftless Region miraculously skipped by ancient glaciers of the last ice age. The area bursts with signature sights of famous overlooks, historic downtowns, unique bridges, and attractions such as the world’s largest six pack and the La Crosse Queen Paddlewheel Cruises.


Not to mention, there are seasonal smells all year-round. Smell the fragrance of fresh apple blossoms in the springtime along Apple Blossom Scenic Drive on the Great River Road and take-in vistas of anglers and boats in the Mississippi River Valley below. There is nothing quite like the scent of hot cheese curds on an outdoor patio nestled on the shore of Lake Onalaska or aroma of fresh food truck bites at Moon Tunes in Riverside Park.


Learn about the La Crosse Region on a Trolley Tour and hear live music at festivals or by the local La Crosse Symphony. Listen to the mighty Mississippi River flowing through Riverside Park or the gentle waves of Lake Neshonoc, both nestled between colorful bluffs. The region truly comes to life with authentic experiences, natural wonders, and colorful festivities.


Known for where the bluffs rise, the rivers flow and the beer is always cold… the La Crosse Region bursts with exciting flavors! Taste exquisite cuisine at renowned and one-of-a-kind establishments and cheers to new memories at retro diners and martini bars. Savor authentic wine and locally-crafted brews along the Coulee Region Craft Beverage Trail.


Most of all, get ready to make memories that will touch your heart with those that mean the most! Feel a splash while reeling fish in or a trickle of melting ice cream on a homemade cone. Jump to new heights at a trampoline park or pet baby goats while practicing yoga at a local farm. Share laughter while pedaling on the Trolley Pub or around a campfire at a local campground.

No matter your niche, your next adventure is calling and is just a road trip away. Celebrate summer where fun knows no bounds – the La Crosse Region awaits!


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Ways to Get Out & Explore

Three majestic rivers and the beautiful bluffs make the La Crosse Region the perfect setting for outdoor recreation, dining with a view, and making memories with those that matter most.

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